10 Foolproof Tips for Students to Write an Outstanding Assignment

10 Foolproof Tips for Students to Write an Outstanding Assignment

Assignment writing is a job that requires attention to detail and authenticity of work. It’s very stressful, especially for high school or college-level students.

Nevertheless, students can always seek guidance for assignment writing by approaching their supervisors. So how can students write an outstanding assignment while managing their other academic responsibilities?

The key to outstanding assignment writing is time management. It is essential to break down the period for each academic activity, like research, structuring, and writing the assignment.

A lot of students try to complete their assignments quickly because they have to meet the deadline, due to which they tend to make a fuss. In this article, we will guide you on how to write an outstanding assignment by sharing 10 valuable tips with you.

10 Assignment Writing Tips for Students

Without further ado, let’s get started with the tips that students can use to write an outstanding assignment.

1.   Understand the Assignment

Many students go directly into writing an assignment without even reading the guidelines. In this heap of a hurry, they miss out on the critical elements of assignment writing, such as font style, word count, structure, etc.

Sometimes, a question is broken down into several parts, which requires students to understand and apply the information accordingly. Now, if you won’t read the question carefully and try to attempt the assignment directly, you might miss out on important information that needs to be filled in.

2.   Perform Research

Once you have understood the questions in the assignment, the next step is to search for that information. We would recommend platforms like Google Scholar instead of traditional search engines. This platform provides an extensive range of case studies, journals, articles, and publications to provide complete information about your supporting topic of the assignment.

Moreover, you can study your coursework or class notes to find any key points that can answer the questions appropriately. Research can help you to manage the word count and find authentic information about your assignment.

3.   Outline the Ideas

Completing your research is not only limited to studying the information. Now you have to outline the elements you have extracted from your research to include in your assignment work. You can break down the information into several sections to answer several questions in your assignment.

Moreover, you can brainstorm some new ideas and outline any quotations or references that you think might fit the context of your assignment. In this way, you can manage to create a structure for your assignment.

4.   Create a Structure

Creating a structure is like making a blueprint of your assignment. You can take notes from your research to highlight the key points of your research work. These key points can be used as significant headings to state various vital points in your assignment.

Besides the headings, you can also create bullet points, numbered lists, or tables for a better representation of the information which you have found online. It is not necessary to feature all the information in plain paragraphs. Going creative can give you an edge with this task.

5.   Answer with an Introduction

The structure of providing the answer is the critical aspect that leaves the first impression of your efforts in the assignment. Always start with an introduction that leads to guiding that there is further to read in the answers. If the asking question is about a definition, it is valid to feature a concise version of it at the beginning of your answer.

6.   Learn to Paraphrase

Paraphrasing is an important technique that should be taught to every student at every level. This technique allows students to research, understand, and apply information in their own unique words. However, most students lack the proper skill of paraphrasing due to their limited knowledge of vocabulary and synonyms.

Therefore, it is recommended to take assistance from a paraphrasing tool to learn how you can paraphrase content without plagiarizing your answers. This tool can help you to rephrase the content in several different tones and writing styles with ensured uniqueness.

7.   Provide References

Referencing is essential to assignment writing as it ensures the credibility and authenticity of the material featured in your answers. There are various referencing styles that you can feature in your assignment, which would be mentioned in the assignment writing guidelines.

Some famous referencing styles include MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. All the references should be mentioned at the end of your assignment with the relevant heading. Moreover, it is essential to mention the name of the author/authors in parenthesis as an in-text reference with your answers.

8.   Add Quotations

Quotations are only relevant if they are featured as supporting material with your answer. You can add a quotation in your answers with a complete reference to its date and author. Moreover, you can elaborate on the quotation to explain how it relates to your answers in the assignment.

9.   Add a Summary

Summary writing is another essential part of assignment writing. On various occasions, the teachers may ask students to write a summary of a certain part of their assignment. Or, you may have to provide a summarized overview of your answers.

For effective summary writing, you can take help from an online summarizing tool that provides an accurate and shortened version of a lengthy text. These tools have several options and settings to give you the required results regarding the word count in your summary.

10. Proofread

The last thing you need to do is to proofread your assignment for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. This stage is vital as you are going to submit the assignment. Giving an overview also helps ensure you haven’t missed any important information. Moreover, you can revise or reduce any assignment section that seems irrelevant to you.


Assignment writing can be a boring and stressful job when you have to study, research, and write everything before the deadline. Students might look for shortcuts missing out on essential aspects of academic writing. Eventually, they end up losing grades.

This article featured some foolproof tips for writing assignments. We hope this article gave you insightful information on academic writing to secure better grades.

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