Writing An Assignment With AI: Pro Tips For Students

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Technology in education has done wonders for the educational sector. Its inclusion is something that makes it easier for both students and educators.

96% of teachers believe technology has a positive impact on children’s lesson participation and learning. There are all sorts of interesting stats provided by Gitnux’s fresh research.

Then Artificial Intelligence is into the fray. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just choose to be plain old ignorant, AI is the next big thing and a major talking point for years to come.

Chances are we’ll be hearing about it until the end of our lives and that’s not a bad thing in our opinion. We are just starting to feel its positive (and some negative) influences in every industry you could think of education being the face of them.

Other than the medical field, we feel that AI and education are the best fit after our massive assessment of AI technologies. Why? Well, that’s exactly why we’re here. Get your notebooks out students. We’ll show you how to write assignments with AI to prove why companies should be investing in AI technologies for the education sector.

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Assignment Generation With AI

Keeping the open-ended nature of assignments in mind, we will be discussing general-purpose AI tools and technologies for writing assignments.

Each assignment will have varying requirements but all of them can be written with the technologies we’ll mention here.

Starting with the talk of the town, a large language model-based chatbot called Chat GPT. This search engine alternative will teach history books about how effective it was during its time.

You can use this reasoning engine to create assignments with the right command prompts. That assignment won’t hold up on its own as it is, but we have remedies for that. Just focus on getting the foundation/structure of your assignment set with it. Leave the rest for the upcoming tools to make the required adjustments to your assignments.

Paraphrasing Assignments With AI

If you could create perfect assignments with AI chatbots then the title of this article would be “Writing An Assignment With AI Chatbots: Pro Tips For Students”. That isn’t the title because, for all their benefits, AI talkbots aren’t perfect.

The biggest issue you will face when generating content for your assignments is the lack of originality due to these chatbots’ certain limitations. When the matter lacks originality and poor readability, you call on AI paraphrasing tools to save the day.

Not just any paraphrasing tool that’s more dubious than intelligent. No, a proper AI paraphrase tool that students can use to shape their assignments according to their requirements. A paraphrase tool like the one seen below that offers freedom of expression:

The fact that it supports 17+ languages with free modes on top of being a state-of-the-art tool is mind-blowing. The best part is that the original context of the assignment generated by reasoning engines isn’t lost by using this. If anything it’s enhanced further by improving the readability of its text.

Grammar Check Assignments With AI

This is part of the finishing touches that you will be adding to your assignment. Occasional slip-ups are known to occur when juggling multiple AI technologies. AI hasn’t been perfected yet and chances are it never will be, best to get on with it and improvise.

Grammar errors, although less common, can still occur when dabbling with AI. Be on the lookout for it but if you can’t spot it then certain grammar checkers can do it for you like the AI grammar check tool seen below:

As you can notice, it picked apart 9+ grammar errors even in this seemingly error-free assignment. Goes to show how inconsistent at the time some AI technologies can be.

Wrapping Up!

One common point across all the AI tools we use to create assignments is that on their own, they’re not as good. Combined with similar other AI tools, however, they become lightworks on New Year’s Eve.

Students should learn to harness the power of AI ahead of everyone else while there’s still time. We suspect a heavy reliance on AI tools in the future for creating assignments and other education-related tasks.

With it will be new challenges and new advancements and opportunities for students. The field is all set for AI takeover in the education sector.

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