Resume Writing Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

Resume Writing Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

In recent times, applications for jobs have become much smarter than they used to be years ago. Jobseekers now try to make their resumes as straight to the point as possible while maintaining a spark. However, due to the drive to impress, many mistakes have become extremely common in resumes. You could also have made that mistake in your previous submission.

There are several unwritten laws guiding writing. Once you flunk one of them, your resume’s acceptance rate drops significantly. You should use a 24-hour Resume Writing Lab service firm to help you write perfectly. If you seek to write by yourself, you must be willing to follow all the rules to the latter.

Below are the mistakes to avoid when your resume

Wordy Write-ups

A resume should be concise and explicit and easy to finish and understand quickly. Writing lengthy pieces is one of the common mistakes that writers make. Writing a lot in a few simple words will make the reader want to know more about you. This means that you should provide a piece that is straight to the point. Adding details that are not relevant to want to provide many notes will not do any good. Rather, it will only make your work void of substance before the person reading it. Ensure to write your application in two to three pages. This makes the chances of making mistakes less and easy to understand by your reader.

Not Including A Defined Resume Summary

A major point to consider is common mistakes that must be avoided in resume writing in 2022. You should add a well-constructed summary that gives a comprehensive description of what you have done in time past to date. Unfortunately, some people are unclear and cannot differentiate between a resume summary and a resume objective.

A summary is a piece that describes your professional engagements in times past till now. In contrast, an objective explains what you intend to do in the future.

Now that you are clear about what the above two means, you should know the appropriate one to include where it should be. Most times, it is advisable you add a summary, as readers are more interested in what you have been engaged in. They want to know what you have accomplished so far in your professional career. So, you mustn’t make this common error and include a well-defined summary in your resume.

Spellings And Grammatical Errors

When you present a Resume, the major thing that will get your reading into looking through it completely is your excellent command and use of English. If your resume is compounded with grammatical and spelling errors, the reader will most likely not continue to read. This means that you have lost out on an opportunity. Of course, your presentation is the first thing that will determine if you are a good fit for the job offer.

When you make spelling and grammatical errors, the reader will not be pleased. This will make them feel you will make the same mistakes for their firm. And this is what no business is called out for. Your resume is the first impression you make on your prospective employers. It is enough to tell if you have the expected language skill. To avoid losing out on jobs, you should avoid spelling and grammatical errors in your resume.

Writing A Generic Resume

Talking of common resume mistakes, writing a generic piece is one of the errors you must avoid in 2022. A submission should be precise and directed to the reason or opportunity it was meant for. So, writing and using the same piece to apply to several jobs is not advisable. It is one of the commonly made mistakes that many jobseekers make.

When you don’t write each application specifically for its job application, it may just lack enough content and keywords. This will make the ATS bots consider your submission invalid, and it may never get to the hand of your prospective employers.

Relying On Cliches

Your resume needs to have sufficient keywords to be considered valid by the Application Tracking Software. It is important not to make your resume dense with clichés or buzzwords. Your reader will point out this and could consider you not serious about the job offer. And this is a common mistake that must be avoided to writing a premium Resume piece.

The kind of words you use in your resume is very important. Of course, your piece should point to the things you can do, which is where clichés will not help. Ensure to keep buzzwords out of your resume, as this will only make your reader/prospective employer think less of you.

Submitting Resume Without Proofreading To Checkout For Errors

This is a mistake that is usually made by a lot of jobseekers. It is alarming and evident that many persons submit their resumes without a thorough check-up for errors. This is one of the mistakes that must be avoided in 2022 if you want to present an excellent Resume piece.

Before submitting your final document, ensure it is properly proofread and checked for errors. As some may think, the error being discussed is not only spelling, typographic, and grammatical. As you go through your document, you could come across misinformation. Also, you may have used words that do not appropriately match the information you intend to pass to your recruiter. Proofreading your final document will help you cite and eliminate such errors before submitting it.


Writing your resume excellently requires knowing the blunders that you must avoid. Since employers often deal with different resumes, only those eye-catching and straight-to-the-point will gain attention. This article has considered major and minor mistakes that you must avoid when writing your resume. Following them will help you in a lot of ways.

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