UP Rojgar Mela 2023 District wise Schedule -10th, 12th, Graduates Apply Online

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UP Rojgar Mela 2023 UP JOB FAIR Date/ Schedule District/ Company wise

Good News !! Rojgar Mela will conduct every 4 months for ITI Passed Students, Multinational Companies will take part in Apprentice Mela 2023. A Mega Job fair will be organized every month by the Employment Department at 18 divisional headquarters of the state. Along with this, Job fairs will be organized every week (on Wednesday) in every district. Candidates can check Rojgar Mela District wise & Company wise Schedule from Table below….Candidates can do registration on Sewayojan Portal for Latest Jobs under Rojgar Mela.

UP Sewayojan Portal Registration 2023 (सेवायोजन ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण 2023 के लिए यहां क्लिक करें)

UP Sewayojan will organize Online Rojgar Mela for unemployed candidates. Unemployed Candidates (from Age 18 to 45 years) can do online registration on Sewayojan Website. UP Sewayojan will provide Data to registered 242 companies & Interview will conduct Online. Interview & DV Process will also conduct Online. Read full news from Image below….

Check PM Rojgar Mela 2023 Online Registration – 71000 New Jobs

up rojgar mela 2023
up rojgar mela 2023

Now Recruitment of Group D Posts in Government Departments through Outsourcing, will be done for Sewayojan Portal. Result will also upload on Portal. So Candidates have to do Registration on Online Portal. In Uttar Pradesh 1.32 Lakh Jobs will be provided in Private Sector. 51 Investment Projects will start soon to provide Jobs. From Now Onwards Rojgar Mela will be conducted every month at Sewayojan Office. Target is to organize 572 Rojgar Mela this Year. Read News from Images given below….

Efforts are being made by the employment offices of the state to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed candidates in the private sector also. Employment fairs are organized by the employment offices by inviting unemployed candidates and employers at one place, in which the employer according to their requirement. Unemployed candidates are selected. And unemployed candidates also have the facility to choose the institute/company as per their wish.

up rojgar mela 2023
up rojgar mela 2023

In order to participate in the employment fairs, first of all, the job seeker is required to register himself on the employment portal. Like unemployed candidates, arrangements have been made for the employers to register on the said portal. After registration, the employers can upload the vacancies of their institute on the employment portal. A system generated mail will be sent to the unemployed candidates whose profile matches against the above notified vacancies that the vacancies according to your educational qualification, skill and experience have been uploaded on the portal. Therefore, you can apply up to the prescribed number on the basis of “first come first serve”. Arrangements have also been made on the portal to display the list of such applied candidates on the employer and admin panel. On the basis of the above list by the employer, the candidates can be sorted as per their requirement. Arrangements have been made to invite such sort listed candidates to participate in employment fairs through e-mail by the concerned employment officer. The employment fairs will be organized by the concerned district level committee. After selection, the employer will provide the list of selected candidates to the concerned employment officer, which will be uploaded by them on the said portal.

Very Good News for all The Job Seeker of Uttar Pradesh. Now, UP Employment Department will organize a Job Fair in Various Districts of Uttar Pradesh. So, You can get Information of UP Rojgar Mela Date Address and other Details form the table on this page…..

Latest Job Fair In Uttar Pradesh:– Candidate, Please Check the Following Table to get all information of Latest rojagar Mela near you. Number of Post, UP Rozgar Mela Date 2023 and time are also available in the Table You can also Apply online for the jobs you like…..

UP Online Rozgar Mela District wise Schedule December 2023

Online Rojgar Mela Date Name of District/ Vacancies Address of Job Fair Apply Online
28/12/2023 Deoria जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय जी आई टी आई कैंपस देवरिया Click Here
27/12/2023 Sant Ravidas Nagar Online Job Fair Click Here
27/12/2023 Etawah जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय पक्का तालाब इटावा Click Here
21/12/2023 Deoria जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय जी आई टी आई कैंपस देवरिया Click Here
21/12/2023 Gorakhpur राजकीय आईटीआई चरगांवा गोरखपुर Click Here
20/12/2023 Sant Ravidas Nagar Online Job Fair Click Here
20/12/2023 Firozabad आगरा कॉलेज एमजी रोड आगरा Click Here
16/12/2023 Mau हरिराम आईटीआई परिसर हालीमाबाद मुहम्मदाबाद गोहना मऊ Click Here
15/12/2023 Saharanpur राजकीय आईटीआई दिल्ली रोड सहारनपुर Click Here
14/12/2023 Deoria खंड विकास अधिकारी कार्यालय बरहज देवरिया Click Here
14/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय जानीखुर्द Click Here
13/12/2023 Sat Ravidas Nagar Online Job Fair Click Here
13/12/2023 Etawah जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय पक्का तालाब इटावा Click Here
13/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय सरूरपुर Click Here
12/12/2023 Varanasi राजकीय आईटीआई करोंदी Click Here
12/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय सरधना Click Here
11/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय मेरठ Click Here
11/12/2023 Jaunpur जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय परिसर जौनपुर Click Here
11/12/2023 Lucknow आईटीआई अलीगंज लखनऊ परिसर Click Here
09/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय दौराला Click Here
09/12/2023 Ambedkar Nagar जिला सेवायोजन अधिकारी अम्बेडकर नगर पुरानी तहसील अकबरपुर आंबेडकर नगर Click Here
08/12/2023 Sant Ravidas Nagar राजकीय औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान फत्तूपुर भदोही Click Here
08/12/2023 Mau सैनिक प्राइवेट आईटीआई ताजोपुर गाज़ीपुर Click Here
08/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय परीक्षितगढ़ Click Here
08/12/2023 Mirzapur पंचशील डिग्री कॉलेज मवई कला हलिया मिर्ज़ापुर Click Here
08/12/2023 Sambhal राजकीय आईटीआई बदायूं रोड चंदौसी Click Here
07/12/2023 Jalaun खंड विकास कार्यालय जालौन Click Here
07/12/2023 Deoria जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय जी आई टी आई कैंपस देवरिया Click Here
07/12/2023 Sitapur राजकीय औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान सिधौली सीतापुर विधानसभा सिधौली Click Here
07/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय मवाना Click Here
07/12/2023 Hathras प्रधानमंत्री कौशल विकास सेंटर जमुना बाग के पीछे अलीगढ रोड हाथरस Click Here
07/12/2023 Gonda क्षेत्रीय सेवायोजन कार्यालय देवीपाटन मंडल सिविल लाइन गोंडा Click Here
07/12/2023 Banda क्षेत्रीय सेवायोजन कार्यालय चित्रकूट धाम मंडल बाँदा Click Here
07/12/2023 Lucknow क्षेत्रीय सेवायोजन कार्यालय परिसर लालबाग़ लखनऊ Click Here
07/12/2023 Behraich राजकीय आईटीआई परिसर बंजारन टांडा नानपारा बहराइच Click Here
06/12/2023 Prayagraj राजा कमलाकर डिग्री कॉलेज शंकरगढ़ प्रयागराज Click Here
06/12/2023 Shahjhanpur खंड विकास कार्यालय ददरौल शाहजहांपुर Click Here
06/12/2023 Etawah जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय पक्का तालाब इटावा Click Here
06/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय माछरा Click Here
06/12/2023 Mainpuri राजकीय पॉलिटेक्निक सिंधिया तिराहा Click Here
06/12/2023 Hamirpur जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय हमीरपुर Click Here
06/12/2023 Basti क्षेत्रीय सेवायोजन कार्यालय परिसर कटरा मूडाघाट रोड बस्ती Click Here
06/12/2023 Firozabad जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय सिविल लाइन दबरई फ़िरोज़ाबाद Click Here
06/12/2023 Raibareilly उत्तर प्रदेश कौशल विकास योजना प्रशिक्षण केंद्र पूरे बेसिन गंगागंज गेगासो सरेनी लालगंज रायबरेली Click Here
06/12/2023 Behraich जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय RTO ऑफिस के पास बहराइच Click Here
05/12/2023 Muzaffarnagar जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय राजकीय आईटीआई कैंपस मेरठ रोड मुज़फ्फरनगर Click Here
05/12/2023 Pratapgarh जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय प्रतापगढ़ Click Here
05/12/2023 Hardoi जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय लखनऊ चुंगी हरदोई Click Here
05/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय हस्तिनापुर Click Here
05/12/2023 Barabanki जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय विमला नगर राजकीय इंटर कॉलेज के पीछे बाराबंकी Click Here
05/12/2023 Mathura Online Click Here
05/12/2023 Chitrakoot जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय कसई रोड गल्ला मंडी कवि चित्रकूट Click Here
04/12/2023 Bareilly उत्तर प्रदेश कौशल विकास केंद्र लोधी चौराहा फतेहगंज पश्चिमी बरेली Click Here
04/12/2023 Fatehpur जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय आईटीआई रोड फतेहपुर Click Here
04/12/2023 Jhansi क्षेत्रीय सेवायोजन कार्यालय परिसर ग्वालियर रोड झाँसी Click Here
04/12/2023 Rampur ग्लोबल इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ़ एजुकेशन ग्राम नारायणपुर टाण्डा Click Here
04/12/2023 Gaziabad जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय गाज़ियाबाद Click Here
04/12/2023 Meerut विकास खंड कार्यालय रोहटा Click Here
04/12/2023 Saharanpur क्षेत्रीय सेवायोजन कार्यालय दिल्ली रोड सहारनपुर Click Here
04/12/2023 Auraiya जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय औरैया Click Here
04/12/2023 Kanpur Dehat प्रभात इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज कालपी रोड बारा टोल टैक्स प्लाजा के पास कानपुर देहात Click Here
04/12/2023 Firozabad Online Job Fair Click Here
04/12/2023 Jaunpur जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय जौनपुर Click Here
04/12/2023 Siddharth Nagar जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय परिसर सिविल लाइन्स सिद्धार्थ नगर Click Here
04/12/2023 Lalitpur जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय परिसर गोविन्द नगर ललितपुर Click Here
04/12/2023 Ambedkar Nagar जिला सेवायोजन अधिकारी अम्बेडकर नगर पुरानी तहसील अकबरपुर अम्बेडकरनगर Click Here
04/12/2023 Mathura Online Click Here
04/12/2023 Hamirpur जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय हमीरपुर Click Here
04/12/2023 Bulandshehar जिला सेवायोजन कार्यालय निकट विकास भवन, बुलंदशहर Click Here

How to Apply:- Candidates can Easily apply for their Interested Jobs through the direct link given in the Table. Candidate will need to register online on the Employment portal. Then,  Login with their ID & Password.  After that they can apply for their Interested Jobs. Other Instructions are available on the UP Employment Website. Candidates need to follow these steps to Apply & Find New Jobs….

  • Candidates first have to visit Official Website of Sewayojan (http://sewayojan.up.nic.in).
  • Candidates can check New Jobs/ Company wise Jobs under http://sewayojan.up.nic.in/jobs.htm. On this Portal, Candidates has to enter details of Jobs, Pay Scale, Sector, District, Educational Qualification to find their Suitable Jobs. Company wise Vacancies/ Apply Online Link will also available on this Page.
  • Candidates can check District wise Rojgar Mela Schedule from http://sewayojan.up.nic.in/RojgarMela.aspx. Candidates can Register/ apply online for Rojgar Mela as per their District or qualification.

Dear Job Seeker, Please bookmark this page as we will provide all UP Rojgar Mela Information in the above Given table time to time. For Any help, Please  write your question in the comment box. We will Surely help you soon…For any Query/ Assistance leave a Comment in the Box below. You can also leave a message on our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/jobdisha) OR Leave a mail to [email protected]

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